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What Is The Best Email Marketing Software in 2017?

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#1 - ActiveCampaign [2017]

Best Email Marketing Software Rating

Do you want an email marketing platform that is intuitive to use but feature heavy enough to scale well with your business?

Then you need to consider ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign has hands down changed the way I run my business because of it's powerful automation, webhooks, Zapier Integrations and contact management features.

More importantly ActiveCampaign will work for you if you have 10 contacts or 100,000+ contacts.

For these reasons I rank ActiveCampaign #1 because I think it is the most improved email marketing platform in 2017 and will work best for the largest number of small business owners.

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Want To Learn More About ActiveCampaign?

Watch My ActiveCampaign 2017 Video Review

ActiveCampaign Recommendation:  

Based on my personal experience using ActiveCampaign to completely automate my entire online business, if you sell digital or phyisical products, perform consulting or have a service based business, then ActiveCampaign will absolutely change your entire business for the better!

Don't take my word for it though, try ActiveCampaign for free by clicking the link below:

Link: Free ActiveCampaign Trial (14 days + no credit card required)

Additional Recommendation:

Before you go out and invest in ActiveCampaign, I would recommend giving the free trials from ConvertKit and Drip a try to ensure that you go with the Email Marketing Platform that matches your business's needs.

These two email autoresponders offer basically the same product as ActiveCampaign but have different methods for organization and automation creation (you will see what I mean after signing up).

Link: Free ConvertKit Demo Available Here
Link: Try Drip for Free Here

Or you can take this diagnostic quiz to help us determine the best email marketing software for your specific situation. Take the quiz by clicking below

ActiveCampaign Pros & Cons

You Need To Read These Before You Buy!


ActiveCampaign houses some of the most powerful if/then logic for creating automations based on subscriber interaction with your emails.


Of all the email software platforms I have test ActiveCampaign has some of the easiest methods for tagging and segmenting your audience based on linked clicked or emails opened or web pages visited.

Zapier Integrations

ActiveCampaign can be integrated with almost ANY online marketing software that you use by integrating with Zapier or via Webhooks. So if you sell digital products you will have no problem integrating your membership software with ActiveCampaign.


Some of the best customer support in the industry with the ability to set up 30 minute phone calls once a month with a Active Campaign specialist or the ability to upgrade to having a dedicated specialist.

Conditional Elements

ActiveCampaign is the only email provider that I have found that allows you to show/hide specific elements in your emails based on tags or lists that a specific subscriber is in. This allows you to tailor your marketing message to each specific subscribe based on who they are and not just send one general email to your list.


ActiveCampaign has plans as low as $8/month

No Affiliate Links

ActiveCampaign is very strict on email quality and will typically not allow affiliate links in your emails IF you don't provide any value in your emails. So as long as you are providing TONS of value to your audience then they will allow you affiliate promotions. But if you like sending low quality affiliate promotions then I would keep looking...

No Automation Split Testing

ActiveCampaign for whatever reason only allows split testing of one off Campaigns. They have promised to add split testing to automations in the future but no time table yet.

Not an All In One Solution

ActiveCampaign does one thing very well. Email Automation. They advertise being a CRM as well, but are not quite the level of a HubSpot yet. If you need an all in one solution then you may want to look elsewhere to HubSpot, InfusionSoft or Ontraport. But be aware that what you will gain in features, you will lose in simplicity of use and price.

ActiveCampaign Free Trial

Don't Want To Take My Word For It? Try ActiveCampaign For Free!

NOTE: Click the link above to access your free 14 day trial of ActiveCampaign.
DISCOUNTS: Unfortunately there are no discount codes or promo codes currently available for ActiveCampaign.

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#2 - Aweber [2017 Review]

Best Email Marketing Software Rating

Without Aweber, I would not be living my dream of owning my own online business.

If you are just starting out in the online business world and aren't ready for a more complex CRM like ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft then Aweber should be your go to marketing platform.

Aweber allows to create email autoresponders with ease and allows for all the basics of email marketing.

Aweber does lack in the advanced list segmentation and if/then capabilities out of the box that other email marketing platforms possess but if you are just starting your business Aweber is hands down the best option for you.


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Want To Learn More About Aweber?

Watch My Aweber 2017 Video Review


Aweber Pros & Cons

Make Sure Aweber Will Work For You

Ease of Use

Quickly put together auto-responder automations or broadcast emails to your email lists.

Basic Campaign Automations

With Aweber you can tag subscribers and setup an auto-responder automation with the ability to send emails at specific days of the week or to wait a specific amount of time in between emails.

Sign Up Forms

Aweber makes it easy to integrate their sign-up forms with your website or landing page builders like LeadPages or ClickFunnels etc...


You can segment your audience by creating individual lists for various interests.


You can now segment your list using tags that can be applied in your email auto-responder campaigns and can be used to trigger addition email auto-responder campaigns.

WYSIWYG Email Editor

Create text or HTML emails with ease.

Activity Reports

Some of the best email activity reports available from any email marketing platform. Easily deep dive into each of your campaigns and review open rates and click rates and much more.

If/Then Logic

Lacks if/then logic that allow you to tag subscribers based on their interactions with emails or page visits made.

Zapier Integrations

Aweber has limited integration with Zapier which allows you to only connect any marketing software or membership management software you use whenever a new subscriber is added to a list and as of the time of this review it does not work 100% of the time according to Zapier.

Subscriber Count

If a subscriber is on multiple lists it is included in your total subscriber count that you are paying for which can easily quadruple the amount of contacts you are paying for if the same contact is on a general list + customer list + product funnel list etc...

Aweber Free Trial & Discount Codes

Use The Link Below If This Review Helped And You Want To Help Support My Site :)

NOTE: Click the link above to access your free trial of AWeber.
DISCOUNTS: Unfortunately there are no discount codes or promo codes currently available for AWeber.

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#3 - Convert Kit [2017 Review]

Best Email Marketing Software Rating

ConvertKit is like the younger brother of ActiveCampaign.

They are relatively new to the Email Marketing World and are quickly catching up in terms of features offered when compared to the more seasoned email marketing platforms currently available.

ConvertKit does have some outside the box features such as pre-built landing pages and beautiful forms that you can easily add to your website and match your branding as well as provide you with the basic tagging and automation capabilities of the larger CRMs.

If you are looking to upgrade from MailChimp or Aweber then Convert Kit is absolutely a platform you need to be comparing and contrasting with ActiveCampaign and other more fully featured email marketing platforms.

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Want To Learn More About ConvertKit?

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ConvertKit 2017 Pros & Cons

What Everyone Needs To Know About ConvertKit

Made for Bloggers

ConvertKits interface is clearly designed with all the features that make blogging easier and more automated.

Contact Management

Subscriber chart that can easily show you the various sources that are driving the growth of your list by form or by landing page

If/Then Logic

ConvertKit offers fairly basic if/then automations that can be triggered when your contacts perform specific activities. It still is not as comprehensive (or pretty) as the more advanced email platforms like ActiveCampaign or Drip but will get the job done for most beginner bloggers who are coming from Aweber or MailChimp.

Niche Integrations

ConvertKit caters to authors and digital product sellers by integrating with software such as Book-launch, Gumroad and various membership site plug-ins.


ConvertKit doesn't offer a free plan like Aweber or MailChimp, so expect to hash out $30 bucks a month for their basic plan for your first 1,000 contacts. 


ConvertKit lacks the Customer Relationship Management features that more advance email marketing platforms have such as ActiveCampaign and Drip.

Webhooks Lacking

Unfortunately Convertkit does not have any built in webhook capabilities for HTTP Posts.

Event Tracking

ConvertKit doesn't allow you to track purchases, subscriber behavior on your website or goals tracking. If you need this functionality I recommend ActiveCampaign.

ConvertKit Free Demo

Checkout what ConvertKit has to offer before making the switch!

NOTE: Click the link above to access your free demo of ConvertKit. This is not a fully featured 'free trial' like the other email marketing platforms, it is a guided demo of ConvertKit so that you can review the features before investing.
DISCOUNTS: Unfortunately there are no discount codes or promo codes currently available for ConvertKit.

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#4 - Drip

Best Email Marketing Software Rating

Drip is one of the most fully featured email automation marketing platforms currently available. They were also just purchased by LeadPages which makes them a tag team marketing power house in terms of landing page and email marketing.

Drip is most directly a competitor to ActiveCampaign and includes the same complex automation and goals features that give you the power to fully automate your marketing based on individual subscriber actions.

Drip also integrates with almost ever marketing software you can imagine so you can be assured that it will work with whatever your business goals are.


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Want To Learn More About Drip?

Watch My DRIP 2017 Video Review



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Drip Email Marketing Platform Pros & Cons

Read these before investing in Drip.

Automation Capabilities

Drip allows you to accomplish any of your automation needs in your business based on individual subscribers actions

Visual Work flow

Easily graph out your Drip Campaigns using their visual designer to easily set up tagging, wait and emails.

Goals Tracking

Easily track your sales conversion by subscriber or track other specified goals you want a subscriber to complete.


Ability to track how many subscribers are going through a specific automation at any given time.


Drip is not necessarily going to be intuitive for beginner bloggers or marketers. It will be a significant time investment to fully grasp the Drip features.


If you have a list larger than 100 expect to pay at least $49/month to use Drip. But considering the power of this email platform $49/mo is not to bad.

Try the DRIP 21 Day Free Trial

Up to 100 Subscribers for $1/mo and Unlimited Email Sends

NOTE: Click the link above to access your free 21 day trial of Drip. A credit card is required at signup to ensure that you don't lose all of your work when you sign up for their free account.
DISCOUNTS: Unfortunately there are no discount codes or promo codes currently available for Drip.

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#5 - MailChimp [2017]

Best Email Marketing Software Rating

MailChimp is one of the best email solutions out there for people with no experience sending marketing emails.

It has one of the easiest interfaces to navigate and the most basic features that you would need to send out emails to a list of people.

That being said MailChimp's free account obviously lacks the advanced automation features that would be required if you want to automate your entire online business. But thankfully if you are willing to sign up for a more expensive paid account they will give you this functionality.

However if you need a more robust CRM to scale your business, you might consider ActiveCampaign or one of the larger CRM marketing software platforms.

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Want To Learn More About MailChimp?

Watch My MailChimp 2017 Video Review


MailChimp 2017 Pros & Cons

Does MailChimp have enough features for small business owners and bloggers?

Ease of Use

If you have no experience sending marketing emails, MailChimp is an excellent choice for you.


MailChimp integrates with almost all of the major marketing software.

Free Account

MailChimp gives you a limited account for free with up to 2,000 contacts. (Does not include automation features)


MailChimp is one of the most affordable email marketing platforms but it comes at the expense of features (such as advanced if/then logic email marketing automations etc...)

List Segmentation Restrictions

You can only send to one list at a time.

Subscription Forms

I’d love to see the subscription forms look as nice as the emails through design functionality.

MailChimp Free Account Here

Activate your free MailChimp Account by Clicking Below

NOTE: Click the link above to access your free MailChimp account which NEVER expires, but you will not have access to the automation features or the ability to have more than 2,500 contacts.
DISCOUNTS: Unfortunately there are no discount codes or promo codes currently available for MailChimp.

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#6 - GetResponse [2017]

Best Email Marketing Software Rating

GetResponse is one of the more popular email marketing platforms for small business owners and affiliate marketers.

It is a fairly advanced piece of software that attempts to be a one size fits all email marketing platform with built in landing pages and webinar capabilities.

How does it hold up to the other fully featured email marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and Drip?

Learn more below!

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Want To Learn More About GetResponse?

Watch My GetResponse 2017 Video Review


GetResponse 2017 Pros & Cons

Does GetResponse have enough features for small business owners and bloggers?

Email Editor

The drag and drop email editor assists you in easily creating eye-catching, memorable emails.


I like having the option to send out surveys. Subscriber feedback is extremely important to obtain and review, so it is nice to have that all in one area instead of having to utilize a separate service.

Email Automation

By utilizing email automation, you are able to save time and ultimately money while maximizing the effectiveness of your email marketing software. Having this option and it being so easy to utilize is fantastic!

List Building Options

From forms, to landing pages to integrations, GetResponse has all the bases covered to help you build your list in a variety of ways.


GetResponse lives up to the self-declaration of “World’s Easiest Email Marketing” by being extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Any level of experience—marketing newbie to advanced users—could utilize this system.


I’m not a fan of the pricing options. I like that you pay more for more subscribers, but not being able to utilize all the features in order to help your subscriber list grows seems frustrating.


While the statistics do provide a lot of information, I’m not personally a fan of the setup and the lack of an easy download option.


I’d like to see more “along the way” support as you initially set up your account and explore the features for the first time.


This option is awesome, don’t get me wrong! But I would like to see a little more customization in these to at least better brand your surveys like you see from 3rd party software like LeadQuizzes or Wufoo.

Grab Your GetResponse Free Trial Here

Activate your free GetResponse account by clicking below

NOTE: Click the link above to access your free GetResponse account which is free for 30 days and does not require a credit card.
DISCOUNTS: Unfortunately there are no discount codes or promo codes currently available for GetResponse.

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#7 - Constant Contact [2017]

Best Email Marketing Software Rating

Constant Contact has been around since 1995 and focuses on serving small businesses and not-for-profits.

If you are looking for a basic email autoresponder then Constant Contact might be for you.

But I do recommend comparing it to AWeber, ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit first before making any decisions.

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Want To Learn More About Constant Contact?

Watch My Constant Contact 2017 Video Review


Constant Contact 2017 Pros & Cons

Does Constant Contact have enough features for small business owners and bloggers?

Email Builder

CC has recently reevaluated the setup and editing options of the email builder making it more user-friendly, giving the user more control and allowing for more customized emails.


CC’s tags and lists features are extremely well built and are easily able to be used to target content, find a segment of subscribers and build stronger relationships with your contacts.


Having a autoresponder feature in your email marketing software is a must nowadays. This tool enables you to connect with your subscribers like never before while saving time in the process. Compared to other autoresponders I've reviewed, Constant Contact's autoresponder is fairly standard.

Mobile App

While the app shows only a 1.5 star review on Apple’s App Store, I personally find the functionality of the app useful. I didn’t come across any glitches and was able to successfully and quickly find the features I needed to accomplish various tasks on the app.

Pricing Model

I find CC’s pricing model unique in the fact that it offers multiple customization fields. Your price isn’t just dependent on the features that you want or the subscribers, but a variety of factors that affect how you will be utilizing the software.

Help Center

CC offers tons of support in the Help Center. I’m personally a huge fan of the layout of this support and the vast variety of options when looking for help – even outside of email marketing.

Autoresponder Builder

I don’t understand why the autoresponder builder isn’t set up the same as the email builder? It isn’t laid out as well or easy to use as the options are sort of mashed all together.


Although CC’s pricing model is fantastic, the actual pricing is fairly high for small businesses – which they boast that they are built for. While the features and brand itself may be geared towards small businesses, the prices are geared towards the big guys.


While the rest of CC is easy to navigate, I personally find the dashboard poorly setup. Sections are squished together instead of being nicely laid out in their own areas. It isn’t just a quick glance to find what you need or see how you are doing.


For such a large brand, owned by an even larger entity, you would think that the support hours wouldn’t be so limited.

Try Constant Contact For 60 Days

Activate your free Constant Contact Account by Clicking Below

NOTE: Click the link above to access your free 60 day trial of Constant Contact.
DISCOUNTS: Unfortunately there are no discount codes or promo codes currently available for Constant Contact.

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#8 - Campaigner [2017]

Best Email Marketing Software Rating

MCampaigner is a enterprise level email marketing platform that has been around since 1995 and has served over 3,000,000 users over the years.

Unfortunately Campaigner is a little rough on the edges in terms of usability, visuals and ease of use.

You can learn more below why I absolutely recommend ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and Drip over Campaigner any day.

Learn more below.

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Want To Learn More About Campaigner?

Watch My Campaigner 2017 Video Review


Campaigner 2017 Pros & Cons

Does Campaigner have enough features for small business owners and bloggers?


Campaigner’s Dashboard is well-laid out and full of relevent information. Your Dashboard helps you quickly access every feature of your Campaigner account, streamlining your marketing efforts. It could use a visual overhaul, but it gets the job done.

Email Editor

The Email Editor editing functions are laid out similar to a Word document’s editing panel, making it easy to use for anyone and giving you quite a bit of editing control.


Utilizing A/B Split Testing enables marketers to better know and then target content to their audience. It is a great evaluation tool to know what content, visual features and more work best for your brand. The real-time statistics offered by Campaigner are in-depth and easy to read.


Campaigner offers a variety of in-depth reporting that can greatly benefit a marketers understanding of its subscribers!


I find a lot of benefit in having the ability to check your account on the go. You never know when you may need to pull up the reports away from the office.


With a variety of topics and channels, you can easily find information on whatever you are looking for.


The only way to get advanced integrations and no Campaigner branding through Campaigner is to pay for the higher price points. If you have a lower budget, Campaigner isn’t the option for you.


I personally am not impressed with the templates in either builder and would suggest using the “General” templates in the Email Editor which allow you complete control over your branding and content. The Smart Email Builder limits your editing abilities.


I personally judge an email on the form I use to sign up for it, and Campaigner’s forms say bland.

Smart Email Builder

The Smart Email Builder (not to be confused with the Email Editor) leaves a lot to be desired. The functionality and design is severely lacking.

Sign Up For Your Free Campaigner Account Here

Activate your free Campaigner Account by Clicking Below

NOTE: Click the link above to access your free 30 day trial of Campaigner (credit card required).
DISCOUNTS: Unfortunately there are no discount codes or promo codes currently available for Campaigner.

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Top 4 Email Marketing Platforms Comparison

Question ActiveCampaign Aweber ConvertKit Drip

These are the four best Email Marketing Tools currently available






Overall Rating

★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★

Company Website:





Best Feature

Most features for the price

Best For Beginners

Easy to use interface

Visual Automation Designer

Who Should Use?

Anyone looking to completely automate their email marketing

Anyone just starting out who doesn't need advanced automation

Folks interested in starting to segment their list and use basic automations

Advanced Email Marketers looking to up their automation game.

Price (for 2,500 Subscribers)

$29 - $149 / month

$29 / Month

$49 / month

$49 / month

Annual Plan

Unlimited Email Sends

Email Automations

Yes, but very basic

Money back Guarantee

Customer Support

Chat Support

Email Templates

Multiple Users

Ability to Import Contacts

Integrates With Zapier

Yes - Deep Integration

Yes - But it is limited

Yes - Deep Integration

Yes - Deep Integration

A/B Testing

Pros & Cons

Read / Watch Review

Read / Watch Review

Read / Watch Review

Read / Watch Review

Free Trial or Demo

Top 18 Best Email Marketing Software Platforms

Best Email Marketing Platforms

Best For...


Small Business Owners looking to automate their business


Beginner bloggers or online marketers


Anyone looking to make the next step up from basic email marketing software


Small Business Owners


Non-techy people


Works for Small - Intermediate sized businesses who need a fully featured CRM.


Ideal for intermediate sized business who want an all in one solution


Intermediate to large sized businesses


Great for beginner to intermediate marketers

Campaign Monitor

Anyone who doesn't mind not having live support

Zoho Campaigns

Anyone who doesn't mind a dated interface


Ideal for small businesses looking to automate their email marketing

Constant Contact

Don't mind glitches from time to time


Don't mind having limited auto-responder capabilities


Don't mind not having third party integrations or easy to use interface


Don't mind complicated work flows


Anyone who has non-marketing transaction email needs


Works great for transactional emails for your business.

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Best Email Marketing Software
10 / 10 stars
Last modified:April 3, 2017
Comparison of the Best Email Marketing Software

What's Next  
If you still have questions, use these resources to help narrow your choice down further.

If you have not already, I highly recommend that you try each of the email marketing platforms that are reviewed above.

Refer to the best email marketing software trials page here to try the top rated email marketing services currently available.

Shoot me an email at bryan@smartbizautomations.com if you have any questions about ANY of the platforms listed above!

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